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About Us

About The Society

The British Deer Society is the only organisation which works exclusively for the welfare of wild deer throughout the United Kingdom.

We at BDS:

  • support academic research into deer welfare and habitat
  • provide high quality education and training to ensure that deer can be effectively managed
  • campaign on a range of deer welfare issues working closely with other countryside and animal welfare organisations
  • advise government and key public bodies on deer-related issues
  • lobby for a thriving and sustainable wild deer population
  • offer members a tailored public liability insurance package covering a wide range of recreational countryside and wildlife-related activities
  • publish ‘Deer’ magazine, the only UK journal devoted solely to deer

A registered charity, the Society provides support and funding for academic research about deer and their relationship with the habitats they occupy. It promotes knowledge and understanding about deer and is the prime source of technical information. It publishes the only UK journal devoted solely to deer and works closely with other countryside and animal welfare organisations. When deer become the subject of public policy, the Society ensures that politicians and decision makers have an evidence base founded on practical and factual advice. The Society lobbies for a thriving and sustainable wild deer population. Acknowledging that wild deer must be managed if they are to remain in balance with their environment, the Society provides high quality education and training so that deer can be managed appropriately, humanely and according to best practice. As a membership organisation, it supports regional branches across the UK which provide a lively forum for those who are interested in deer, offering local events and activities for deer enthusiasts.

BDS is a charity registered in England & Wales (no. 1069663) and in Scotland (no. SCO37817). We have over 6,000 members and supporters in sixteen regional branches and employ a team of full-time staff at our headquarters in Fordingbridge in Hampshire. Our work is guided by a Board of Trustees/Directors, who bring a wide range of deer-related expertise to the governance of the charity, and is directed by a management team made up of professional staff and Trustees.