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Buttolo Blatter Roe Call

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  • Buttolo Blatter Roe Call

The best selling Buttolo Blatter Roe, Sika and Muntjac deer call is manufactured in Germany and is the easiest and most foolproof Roe call available.

The call is used by squeezing the rubber bulb either gently or quickly to produce a range of calls. It will generate Roe doe or kid calls or even a nasal Sika type call.

The buttolo call is also becoming increasingly popular for attracting Muntjac as they often come out to have a look if you call a few times. Additionally, if you call when one is crossing a ride it usually causes them to pause for a few seconds enabling the shooter to get a more precise shot.

The call is supplied with instructions.

Buttolo Blatter Roe Call

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