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Updates on the work of the British Deer Society including news, campaigns, research, events and fundraising. Also reports on current news stories related to deer and deer management.


BDS May 2024 Online Charity Auction - Launches 17 May

BDS 2024 Summer Charity Auction

Our 2024 May Charity Auction is now live. By taking part in the auction or by donating you can help make a difference for deer by supporting the core work of our charity.

Scottish Government's Deer Management Proposals

Scottish Government’s Deer Management Proposals

Despite ongoing discussions, the Scottish Government maintains its stance, prompting reflection on the future of deer conservation. Dive into the details and discover the British Deer Society’s perspective on sustainable practices and welfare considerations.

Raising Spring Awareness of Deer Welfare Issues

Raising Spring Awareness of Deer Welfare Issues

This blog post sheds light on critical deer welfare issues as spring unfolds across the UK countryside and emphasises the need for public awareness and responsible action towards deer welfare. We all need to take collective efforts to protect and preserve wildlife during this vibrant season.

Digital Deer Spring 2024

Digital Deer Spring 2024 – OUT NOW

Explore the world of deer with Digital Deer’s Winter 2023/24 Edition! Dive into deer news, thermal technology, venison markets, and more. Free to read on our website.

Plastic Pollution Threatens Deer

Plastic Pollution Threatens Deer

This article highlights the dire impact of plastic waste on wild deer globally. It urges immediate action through public education, and responsible waste management to protect deer habitats and minimise their exposure to harmful debris. The article also underscores the lesser-known danger of roadside litter to deer, emphasising the need for awareness and collective efforts to safeguard wildlife and our environment.

Together for Deer – New BDS strategy launched

Together for Deer – New BDS Strategy Launched

We unveiled our new strategy, “Together for Deer,”. The strategy emphasises evidence-based approaches and collaboration among stakeholders. It focuses on Ethics & Welfare, Education & Training, and Science & Research, aiming to establish BDS as a leading authority in deer welfare and management by 2030. “Together for Deer” aims to unite efforts in safeguarding deer welfare amid complex challenges.

BDS Launches First Drone Survey Thanks to Supportive Members

BDS Launches First Drone Survey Thanks to Supportive Members

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment for the BDS community: the successful launch of our first drone survey funded by last year’s award-winning Big Give campaign. This achievement has been made possible through the unwavering support and contributions of our dedicated members and supporters.

Responsible Deer Management: Clearing Up After DVCs and Grallochs

Responsible Deer Management Clear Up

This article stresses responsible deer management, especially in disposing of deer carcasses after incidents like Deer Vehicle Collisions (DVCs) and humane dispatch. It highlights the need to ensure public safety and sensitivity by properly handling carcasses and following best practices.

Does the BDS Investigate Wildlife Crimes?

Ask BDS: Does the BDS Investigate Wildlife Crimes?

Discover how the British Deer Society addresses wildlife crimes, offering guidance to concerned individuals and collaborating with authorities. Explore their role, limitations, and the importance of collective action in protecting our wild deer.

Fallow fawn hiding in long grass - taken by Langbein Wildlife

Are Deer Birthing Seasons Changing In The UK?

In this special guest article, Dr. Jochen Langbein provides some interesting insights on how deer breeding seasons appear to have changed over recent decades, discusses how these changes may be related to climate change, and highlights the need for further research and data to be gathered.

Deerly Beloved

Deerly Beloved

The article “Deerly Beloved” discusses society’s enduring fascination with deer and the need for a positive narrative surrounding them. It highlights the importance of appreciating deer’s role in the ecosystem, promoting responsible management, and advocating for conservation efforts. Ultimately, it calls for a shift towards valuing and caring for deer, inspiring future generations to cherish these majestic animals.

Rhian Tyne - Assistant Training Officer

New Assistant Training Officer at the British Deer Society

The British Deer Society is delighted to introduce Rhian Tyne as our new Assistant Training Officer, and we are confident that she will be a dynamic addition to the team. With a rich background in wildlife conservation and a deep commitment to deer management, Rhian brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role .

A young roebuck persued by a territorial buck' by Ron Perkins 1st

Capturing the Spirit of Wild Deer

Embark on an enchanting journey into the heart of wild deer appreciation with the British Deer Society’s (BDS) Photographer of the Year Competition! Immerse yourself in a unique blend of artistic expression and wildlife celebration as passionate photographers from the BDS community vie for the prestigious title.

Love for Deer: A Valentine's Pledge

Love for Deer: A Valentine’s Pledge

Discover a heartfelt Valentine’s pledge with the British Deer Society! This article invites you to go beyond traditional celebrations and extend your love to the majestic wild deer of the British Isles. Join the BDS movement and become a crucial part of ensuring the well-being of these iconic creatures.

A Glimpse into Winter Transitions

A Glimpse into Winter Transitions

Embark on a captivating exploration of UK deer in February and March, delving into the intriguing transitions of winter. From the spectacle of antler casting to foraging for winter reserves, discover the nuanced behaviours, coat colour shifts, and weather-driven movements that define this transitional season.

digital deer winter 24 cover

Digital Deer Winter 2023/24 – OUT NOW

Explore the world of deer with Digital Deer’s Winter 2023/24 Edition! Dive into deer news, thermal technology, venison markets, and more. Free to read on our website.

Striking the Balance: A Humane Approach to Deer Population Management

Striking the Balance: A Humane Approach to Deer Population Management

Recent articles in the media have sparked discussions around the management of deer populations, prompting the British Deer Society to reaffirm its stance on the humane culling of deer as a preferred method for population control. In response to these concerns, the Society emphasises the need for a comprehensive approach that considers ecological balance, habitat conservation, and potential human-wildlife conflicts. This article considers the charity’s viewpoint, highlighting our commitment to effective and humane deer population management.

Ask BDS: Are White Deer Rare?

Ask BDS: Are White Deer Rare?

The British Deer Society often receives questions about the rarity of white deer in the UK. In most cases, the white deer you come across are usually fallow, a type of deer found widely across the UK. White fallow deer aren’t as common as the more typical common, menil, and black colour varieties, but they do stand out more noticeably in a herd or when in cover.

Life on a Highland Estate in the Post-Close Season Era

Life on a Highland Estate in the Post-Close Season Era

BDS member Linda Mellor provides a firsthand account of the recent changes in deer policy and their profound impact on both the deer and the local community. As a resident of a highland estate intimately connected to the land and its traditions, Linda sheds light on the repercussions of the removal of the close season for male deer in Scotland, offering a glimpse into the intricate balance between tradition, wildlife management, and community feeling.

Surveillance for coronaviruses in wildlife

Surveillance for Coronaviruses in Wildlife

The British Deer Society is asking its members and supporters to assist with a surveillance study looking into coronaviruses in wildlife. This study aims to support the development of diagnostic tests, aid future surveillance, and improve preparedness for future coronavirus outbreaks.

Red Deer Stags at Sunset in Scotland By Mark Connelly

BDS CEO Goes Live On TalkTV To Promote Fact-led Deer Management

David Mcauley, British Deer Society (BDS) CEO went live on TalkTV and Radio at the weekend to promote the importance of having more fact-led approaches in deer management, less sensationalism in the media around total UK deer numbers and to speak up for deer welfare.

Deer Management in the UK: Sustainability Verses Eradication

Deer Management in the UK: Sustainability Verses Eradication

Recently, we received a heartfelt letter from a dedicated member of the British Deer Society (BDS), a seasoned deer stalker with 30 years of experience who was dismayed by the indiscriminate and unsustainable shooting of roe deer around his management areas. His words shed light on the evolving challenges faced by conscientious deer managers who prioritise legal and humane practices in an environment where not all shooters share the same values.

Crossroads of Wild Venison Production

The Crossroads of Wild Venison Production: Challenges as December 2023 Approaches

As we approach the end of 2023, wild venison production is encountering challenges that demand our attention. Game dealers are currently offering between 50p and one pound per kilogram for deer carcasses, and reports suggest that some may not accept carcasses in December. Let’s dive into some key insights shared by Nick Rout, Head of Education and Training at the BDS, and a manager of deer in East Anglia.

BDS Diamond Charity Auction November 2023 Banner - Red Deer Stag in winter. Auction dates are from midday on 8th November 2023 until 9pm on Wednesday 22nd November 2023.

BDS Diamond Charity Auction

Our Diamond Charity Fundraising Auction is now live. 2023 marks the 60th, or Diamond Anniversary of the British Deer Society. To celebrate, we’re holding a special fundraising event in the form of a silent online auction.

By taking part in the auction you’ll be helping raise critical funds to continue our work to drive forward our mission

BDS Members On Guided Allt Dubh Trail

Visit To Creag Meagaidh

In late October 2023, members of the BDS Highland Branch visited the Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve (NNR), a 4,000-hectare area managed by NatureScot, located on the north shore of Loch Laggan in Scotland.

Inspiring Young Minds to Embrace and Cherish the Environment

Inspiring Young Minds to Embrace and Cherish the Environment

Imagine the heartwarming sight of over 500 primary school children from Leeds and the surrounding areas, gathering at Ledston Estate for a three-day outdoor learning event. Despite facing challenging weather conditions, these young minds radiated enthusiasm and resilience. Through a collaborative effort with Countryside Learning and partners, the British Deer Society (BDS) was delighted to support this opportunity, with a shared commitment to nurturing an enduring appreciation for the environment in the generations to come.

BDS Blog - Featured Image - Male Deer Seasons

Removal of Male Deer Seasons – Response to BDS Opinion Survey

“Male deer numbers have a lesser impact on overall population growth as it is of course the females that actually produce more deer. Allowing male deer of the larger species to be shot during the female deer open season has historically distracted efforts to control the latter and curb their breeding potential.”

rutting fallow deer Oct 23 by Remy Van Haarlem

Ask BDS – Watching Deer During the Rut

Autumn is rutting time for many deer species, and you may be considering going out to see the action for yourself. Before you do, though, take a moment to consider the safety of yourself and those around you.

Digital Deer Autumn 2023

Digital Deer Autumn 2023 – OUT NOW

Check out Digital Deer’s Autumn 2023 issue! It’s full of deer news, information, and articles to pique the curiosity of all deer lovers. We’ve got it all, from BDS Distribution Survey results to a deer management project in Scotland, plus Richard Almond’s story of a Scottish Venator. Don’t miss out on Digital Deer Autumn 2023

The British Deer Society Response To Scottish Deer Management Changes

Response To Scottish Deer Management Changes

This week the Scottish Parliament voted on Government proposals to abolish the season for male deer in Scotland. Despite having been rejected by the Rural Affairs and Islands Committee, the Parliament voted to accept the Government proposal. This means that from 21st October 2023 there will be no close season for male deer of any species in Scotland.

captive deer survey

Updated Captive Deer Survey Now Available

The updated BDS captive deer survey is now available to the public. This spreadsheet lists results for locations that offer public access including name, address, species present and website, sorted by town/county.

Are Deer the Villains When Tackling Climate Change?

Are Deer the Villains When Tackling Climate Change?

If you read some of the recent press and media articles about deer, you will probably spot a reoccurring theme that paints deer in the UK as a huge barrier to efforts to combat climate change. Readers are regularly exposed to emotive statements about explosive deer population numbers, backed up by sweeping statements that all too often implicate deer as the villains.
Is this fair or even true?

red deer map 2023

The British Deer Society Deer Survey 2023

the BDS is delighted to be able to announce that updated deer distribution maps are now available. Drawing on both historic and new records they were produced for the 2023 revised edition of the Society’s Field Guide to British Deer and offer an updated picture of deer presence across the UK.

deer and roads

Ask BDS – What Can I Do About Deer Near Busy Roads

The British Deer Society often receive enquiries from concerned people who have busy roads and deer populations close to their homes and wonder if there is anything that they can do to help reduce the chances of a deer/vehicle collision.

Dedicated HAD Volunteers There for Deer in Dire Need

What is a HAD volunteer? A dedicated, private individual who is prepared to go out of their way, very much at any time of the day or night, to attend to a deer, or to any other animal in dire need, at the roadside or elsewhere.

Digital Deer Summer 2023

Summer Edition of Digital Deer – OUT NOW

The British Deer Society’s online taster magazine Digital Deer is out this week and packed full of deer news, information, and articles to delight all those with a love for deer.

Injured deer - ask BDS

Ask BDS – Injured Deer

It’s heartbreaking to see a deer in need of help, but we can all make a difference. The British Deer Society is often contacted by concerned members of the public who have encountered a deer that they consider to be injured or sick and wonder what can be done to assist it.

Deer in urban areas

Deer in Urban Areas

Deer are regularly reported in urban gardens or housing estates and members of the public often wonder if there is any action that they ought take.
In most cases there is no need to do anything. The species most regularly encountered in built up areas tend to be roe or muntjac. Both are small and generally solitary, and are often content to live in close proximity to humans.

ethical wild venison

Ask BDS – How Ethical is Wild Venison?

The BDS is often approached by members of the public who wish to know more about the wild venison that they eat.  Most appreciate that venison is a sustainable product that comes from necessary deer control measures.  In particular, though, they may wonder whether there are alternatives to culling.  They also want to be reassured that venison has been sourced humanely and with proper respect for the deer.

roe doe eating flowers in a garden By mountainpix

Ask BDS – Can I Feed Deer in My Garden?

Although deer are not always welcome visitors to the garden, the BDS is often asked if food can be put out for them. In fact there is really no need to feed wild deer as they can usually find all that they need naturally, even during dry conditions.

Staying Safe From Tick-borne Diseases in the UK

Staying Safe From Tick-borne Diseases in the UK

Ticks can carry several infections and while Lyme disease is more common in the UK, there have also been recently confirmed a case of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in England. So, preventing tick bites is the first line of defence.

BDS Volunteers winning best stand at the Game Fair (2019)

How Our Volunteers Make A Difference For Deer

From sharing our work at shows and events across the country to carrying out data collection for important research, there are many ways our volunteers have helped the work of the British Deer Society.

baby deer

Ask BDS – Baby Deer

Most of the UK’s deer species have regular birthing seasons between May and July. Muntjac are the only exception and their fawns might be encountered at any time of year. The British Deer Society regularly receives enquiries from members of the public who have found a baby deer that they believe has been ‘abandoned’ by its mother and are wondering what they should do.

feeding deer

Ask BDS – Fencing and Muntjac

The British Deer Society receives regular queries from gardeners who are anxious to exclude deer, and particularly muntjac, from their vegetable patches and other places containing delicate or valuable plants.

60 for 60 Charity Auction

60 for 60 Charity Auction

Help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the British Deer Society by participating in our one-of-a-kind 60 for 60 charity online auction!

BDS Annual Review 2022

The British Deer Society Annual Review for 2022

The British Deer Society Annual Review for 2022 gives us a great chance to demonstrate the value of our work and the outstanding commitment of all involved. This is the must have publication for anyone interested in wild deer and the British Deer Society, whether you are a member, a supporter, a potential donor or researcher, this review provides you with a valuable insight into our work.

Jam Donuts in the Office

Jam Donuts in the Office, an update from the CEO

The first five months of every year is always an extremely busy time for the head office team. The preparation of our annual accounts, writing our annual report, preparing and circulating voting papers and the Spring Deer journal together with organising and running the annual AGM, it is fair to say it’s a busy period.

UK Deer Birth Dates Survey

UK Deer Birth Dates Survey

Is climate change affecting deer? The British Deer Society is conducting a survey in order to understand how deer might be reacting to changes in their environment.

deer on the roads

Ask BDS – Deer on the roads

The month of May is a peak time for deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs) and the highest risks occur around sunrise, or from sunset until midnight. However, deer can be encountered on our roads throughout the year and at any time of day – if you see one always drive with added caution as there may be others.

Digital Deer Spring 2023

Spring Edition of Digital Deer – OUT NOW

The British Deer Society’s online taster magazine Digital Deer is out this week and packed full of deer news, information, and articles to delight all those with a love for deer.

Deer and land development

Ask BDS – Deer and land development

The British Deer Society often receives enquiries from concerned local residents regarding new housing, solar farms or other developments on land where they regularly see deer.

Is it legal to shoot deer?

Ask BDS – Is it legal to shoot deer?

The British Deer Society is regularly contacted by concerned members of the public who have observed activity related to deer management taking place. While fully appreciating their concerns we recognise that, provided it is carried out with the permission of the landowner or their representative, culling may be conducted provided that a comprehensive range of legal requirements are observed.

Tick-borne encephalitis detection in England

Tick-borne Encephalitis Detection in England

A new risk assessment has been published this week by a multi-agency cross-government committee, highlighting that tick-borne encephalitis is now likely to be present in England.

The risk assessment is based on both human cases and the detection of the virus in ticks in several areas of the country and it is important to stress that the risk to the general public in the UK remains very low.

Donated antlers in Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock themed door

A Kind Donation Brings Joy To Children With Learning Difficulties 

In 2023 an exciting new art trail is coming to Furzey Gardens, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Hampshire. The trail will see over 20 four-foot, artist-decorated, fairy doors displayed in the gardens to thrill visitors of all ages. Selected artists have now been chosen and are working away on bringing their designs to life.

antlers not horns

Ask BDS – Antlers Not Horns

There is often confusion over the difference between antlers and horns, and deer are sometimes incorrectly described as having the latter.

Portrait of adult red stag in Autumn by Matt Gibson

Deer Management Beyond Borders

Last week I had the privilege to travel to Northern Ireland to meet with a few N.I. and Irish deer organisations where we discussed the deer management and habitat impact work carried out across the whole island of Ireland. I was also updated on the extremely important work carried out with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) on behalf of deer managers and gun owners.

Winter Digital Deer 2022/23

Winter Edition of Digital Deer – OUT NOW

The British Deer Society’s online taster magazine Digital Deer is out this week and packed full of deer news, information, and articles to delight all those with a love for deer.

Royal Mail Strikes

Royal Mail Strikes – UPDATE

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced it has withdrawn planned rolling strike action dates which were due to take place later this week and next week (2,3,4,8,9 and 10 November).

The Memory Tree: remembering our loved ones

The Memory Tree: remembering our loved ones

The Memory Tree: remembering our loved ones
The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust’s Memory Tree was launched on All Soul’s Day, 2 November 2022. The Memory Tree is an online space dedicated to the remembrance of all those in gamekeeping professions who are no longer with us.

two rutting red stags by tim lees

Photographing the Deer Rut

Full-time wildlife photographer Timothy Lees provides some of his retrospective insights and key safety tips on photographing the autumn deer rut.

Surveillance for coronaviruses in wildlife

Surveillance for Coronaviruses in Wildlife

The British Deer Society is asking its members and supporters to assist with a surveillance study looking into coronaviruses in wildlife. This study aims to support the development of diagnostic tests, aid future surveillance, and improve preparedness for future coronavirus outbreaks.

Managing Deer Across the English Landscape event

Forestry Commission’s Deer Best Practice Event

There is likely to be significant challenge in the world of deer and deer professionals in the coming years and the speakers were able to offer insight and some solutions to managing effectively in the future.

Autumn Digital Deer 2022

Autumn Edition of Digital Deer – OUT NOW

The British Deer Society’s online taster magazine Digital Deer is out this week and packed full of deer news, information, and articles to delight all those with a love for deer.

dog starting to chase muntjac caught by John Parish

Preventable Suffering – Dog Attacks on Deer

At the British Deer Society, we sadly regularly hear reports and receive enquiries related to dog attacks on deer. The BDS urges dog owners to help prevent the indiscriminate chasing of deer and other animals which too often results in an attack by remaining in full control of their dogs at all times.

stag silhouette on a hill at Loch Muick near Balmoral in Scotland by Wirestock Creators

BDS Office to Close for HM The Queen’s State Funeral

Monday 19th of September, the date of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral, is a national bank holiday. In line with this, the British Deer Society office will be closed. This will allow the team to pay their personal respects to Her Majesty and commemorate Her reign.

The office will open as usual 9.00 am Tuesday 20th of September.

the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Death of Her Majesty The Queen

The British Deer Society is deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with our Patron His Majesty King Charles III and the Royal Family. We are grateful for Her Majesty’s selfless years of service and steadfast dedication to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Royal Mail Strikes

Royal Mail Strikes

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has called on its members who collect, sort, and deliver parcels and letters to take strike action on 26 and 31 August and the 8 and 9 September 2022.

roe deer at sunrise in a misty winter forest Norfolk by Simon Bratt

BDS Response to the Defra Consultation on Proposed Deer Management Strategy

The British Deer Society (BDS) has reviewed in detail the consultation on proposed deer management published by Defra on the 4th of August 2022. Whilst we welcome the consultation in general terms, and in particular the intent to develop a wider market for venison, we have serious concerns about some of the proposals.

Revised Wild Game Guidance

Publication of Revised Wild Game Guidance

The revised Wild Game Guidance (WGG) has been published on 25th July 2022. Revision of the content post-consultation (working in collaboration with FSA England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Food Standards Scotland), has resulted in a robust review on the WGG for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

BDS membership

What Makes BDS Membership So Different

Primarily membership of the British Deer Society is about supporting our vital work which includes research, training and education in all areas related to the UK’s wild deer and their management.

Digital Deer Summer 2022

Summer Edition of Digital Deer – OUT NOW

The British Deer Society’s online taster magazine Digital Deer is out this week and packed full of deer news, information, and articles to delight all those with a love for deer.


Platinum Jubilee Congratulations

This year Her Majesty The Queen becomes the first ever British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, having acceded to the throne on 6 February 1952 at 25 years of age. 

The British Deer Society would like to congratulate Her Majesty on reaching this significant milestone and offer our thanks for seventy years of dedicated service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Steer clear of baby deer by Charlie Newman

Steer Clear of Baby Deer!

A joint campaign is underway to inform members of the public about the need to give both pregnant or nursing deer and their young plenty of space when out enjoying the countryside.

Over the coming weeks, from mid-May to July, people may discover newly-born deer hidden in the grass or undergrowth and might mistakenly assume that they have been abandoned Please do not touch, disturb or move them as usually their mothers will not be far away.

Tick-borne encephalitis detection in England

Be Tick Aware!

The risk of acquiring a tick bite increases during springtime, with peak times from April to June, meaning there is no better time to refresh your precautions and help spread the word on being tick aware.

The following guidance from the UK HAS can be used to reduce the chance of acquiring a tick bite.

Internet Auction

Your BDS Survey Needs Your Voice!

Have you added your voice to the “Your BDS Survey”?
If not then please make sure you do.

The survey is open to members and non-members. It only takes around three minutes to complete. When you do, you will be helping us ensure the BDS reflects what is important to you.

Internet Auction

Update on the Deer Distribution Survey 2022

The British Deer Society survey of deer species world normally be undertaken every five years but had been delayed due to the pandemic.

The survey is the only one of its kind to look at the distribution of our six deer species across the UK and compare the latest results against previous records of distribution. This provides vital information on the changing ranges of our deer populations.

Facing the Future – BDS in 2022

Facing the Future – BDS in 2022

The past two years have been extremely challenging. Throughout the pandemic, The British Deer Society (BDS) team has worked hard and been there for our members, the deer sector and the wider public. This has been a challenge but in a time of uncertainty, reduced income and rising inflation, we controlled our costs and delivered exceptional services and support.

FSS Wild Game Guide

FSS Wild Game Guide

The Wild Game Guide (WGG) provides guidance for the Scottish wild game food sector, as well as enforcement officers, on the food hygiene legal requirements which apply to the hunting, processing and supply of wild game into the food chain.

Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

Eat Venison – it’s Good for You and the Planet!

Wild sourced UK Venison is a highly sustainable choice. In the UK we have thriving deer populations living in the wild that due to having no natural predators need to be managed to ensure they stay healthy and are kept in balance with their environment.

Deer Collisions Warning - Fallow deer at dawn By Giedriius

Warning of an increased risk of deer collisions as clocks go back

National Highways and the British Deer Society are warning drivers to be extra vigilant for deer on or near roads after the clocks go back this weekend.

There is a substantial increase in deer vehicle collisions from October to December. Poorer driving conditions and fewer hours of daylight, coupled with the annual breeding season (the rut) for red, sika & fallow deer make this a high-risk time of year.

Red stag Autumn crossing the road with car approaching Scottish Highlands by Coatesy

Driving Deer Aware – Top Tips To Help Avoid a Collision

We are now in one of the peak periods for deer vehicle collisions not only in the UK but across the northern hemisphere. A combination of factors, not least this time of year is the rutting season for many of our deer species, makes this a particularly high-risk time, from now right through to December.

Rural Women - Rhian Tyne

Rural Women – Rhian’s Story

Rhian Tyne is a 19-year-old lady deer stalker and BDS youth ambassador. She has a determination and passion for deer management that is truly impressive and a love for the countryside that is infectious.

Find out more about her experiences in her story.

Internet Auction

Deer Photography Masterclass

Award-winning wildlife photographer Jules Cox online deer photography masterclass where he will share his knowledge, tips and tricks for photographing deer.

Reminder About Watching Deer Safely

Reminder About Watching Deer Safely

Watching deer exhibit natural behaviour in the wild is a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, it is important to remember that they are wild animals and not pets.

Deer Should Not Be Classed As Pests

Deer Should Not Be Classed As Pests

We are concerned by the repeated use of the term ‘pest’ in reference to deer. It is an unacceptable and insensitive term to describe iconic mammals which demand intelligent and humane management.

Advice on Lead-Free Ammunition

Advice on Lead-Free Ammunition

Many stalkers who shoot higher numbers of deer and rely on an outlet for carcases have just three months to source and test a viable lead-free alternative,

BDS Chair Standing Down in May

BDS Chair Standing Down in May

The Chairman of The British Deer Society, Professor Rory Putman, has informed the Board of Trustees that he intends to stand down in May.

Changes to DSC1 and DSC2

Changes to DSC1 and DSC2

Information has recently been shared relating to changes to DSC1 and DSC2 made by Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ).. These changes come into effect on April the 1st.

relaxation Covid-19 restrictions

Relaxation of Covid-19 Restrictions

Due to the planned relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, the BDS will from March the 8th be resuming delivery of DSC1 and Deer Management Courses. Find out more.

New Video – How to Complete a Habitat Impact Assessment

The Farm Advisory Service has produced a great new video detailing How to Complete a Habitat Impact Assessment.

In the video Conservation Consultant, Helen Bibby, and Professor Rory Putman, Chair of the British Deer Society & visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow, take you through all the key steps on how to undertake a Habitat Impact Assessment.

mental health awareness

WEBINAR: Mental Health and well being for all

Our next webinar aims to offer some practical help, tips, links and advice as we pass through this difficult Covid-19 Lockdown period. We wish to highlight where help and support can be found. We all need to work together to help manage these new challenges.

winter deer magazine 2020

Winter Deer Magazine and Digital Deer – Out Now!

The winter edition of Deer is out now and available to buy from our shop.
Features include:
• For deer and for people – Interview with BDS CEO David McAuley
• The times they are a changing – David Dixon casts new light on the fallow rut

relaxation Covid-19 restrictions

Lockdown and Covid Guidance for Deer Management

No matter where you live in the UK you will currently be under some level of lockdown restrictions, the BDS want to continue to support members and those involved in deer management to remain safe and to work within the Government and Devolved Administrations guidance.

busy road by by John Howard

Webinar: Deer on the Roads

View our recent webinar exploring the topic of deer on our roads with updates on the current situation and how to stay safe.

BDS Range Activities and Covid-19

BDS Range Activities and Covid-19

Guidance is compiled from the latest advice provided to enable the writing of a range activity Risk Assessment managed by the British Deer Society (BDS) branches in a Covid-19 environment.

Thank You to Our BDS Volunteers

This National Volunteers Week the BDS would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of our Members who support the Society in so many ways; it couldn’t function without you.

BDS Supports Royal Parks in Protecting Deer

Richmond and Bushy parks are wonderful places to visit and much loved by the many people that use them. In these uncertain times, it is understandable that the public wants to visit for some much-needed exercise and relaxation.

High Risk of Wildfires in the UK!

Currently, much of England has a high to very high risk of wildfires according to The Met Office’s Fire Severity Index (FSI). Although some regions may have experienced rain over the bank holiday weekend the risk still remains high. Low levels of rainfall have left the countryside unusually dry and recent weeks have already seen some

roe kid by Billy Atkinson

Deer Welfare – May and June

Key deer welfare areas for May and June Deer on the Roads During the lockdown, our deer ventured out onto the road more than ever and now that the traffic is starting to return we are hearing of more and more deer-vehicle collisions. In addition, this time of year often sees a peak in DVCs as

Surveillance for coronaviruses in wildlife

COVID-19: BDS Advice to Deer Stalkers

Further to the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday 10 May 2020, and the more detailed COVID-19 Recovery Strategy published today, the British Deer Society interprets the current situation as follows:

Covid-19 restrictions

COVID-19: Advice for stalking visitors to the UK

The British Deer Society has received enquiries concerning deer stalking visits from overseas, some of which have stemmed from misunderstandings caused by inaccurate or speculative information published elsewhere.

BDS Survey of Deer Distribution and Abundance 2020

First, my personal thanks for all those who agreed to help with this survey, which is designed to offer us a better resolution of the distribution and regional abundance of deer within the UK, something we urgently need if we are to advise Government and other Agencies on future management.

Covid 19 and BDS update

It was impossible just a few weeks ago to have imagined the extraordinary times we are now in. As a charity and as a company, we are taking each day as it comes whilst also making the best decisions we can to prioritise the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, public and our business.

Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus: More Samples Please

Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) was detected in the UK for the first time in 2019. Many BDS members had a vital role in this discovery through their participation in our 2018-19 deer serosurveillance study investigating the presence of tick-borne viruses in the UK which resulted in this finding

BDS Response to the Deer Working Group Report and Recommendations

The Trustee Directors [the Board] of the British Deer Society and its Scottish Area Council commend the Deer Working Group on their detailed report which is in the main well-presented and attempts a proper and comprehensive review of the published literature relevant to each of the topics considered

Call for More Volunteers – BDS Survey of Deer Abundance

We have received a great response to this year’s new survey of deer abundance, however, we still need more volunteers. As previously reported, this will be our most comprehensive deer survey ever taken and to ensure success we need as many people as possible to get involved!

BDS Spring Courses

Many of our Spring 2020 courses are now fully booked, but we still have a few places available on the following upcoming courses.

Keep Sending in Your Sightings

While not everyone may be able to assist with our deer abundance survey there is one easy way we can all get involved in building up a better picture of deer distribution in the UK, by using the BDS deer app to regularly report deer sightings.

Deer Management in Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has published reports on assessing progress in deer management in Scotland, which has been prepared for the Scottish Government.

Changes to Firearms Law

Members should be aware that new measures regarding firearms and deactivated firearms have become effective from 12 December 2019.

Deer Working Group Report

The Group was appointed as an independent working group to review the existing statutory and non-statutory arrangements for the management of wild deer in Scotland, taking account of the position with each of the four species of wild deer in Scotland and the varying circumstances across Scotland.

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